The Ministry of Economic Affairs of Turkey announced that the tax rate for imported tires from countries was increased by 21.8%.






The Turkish Ministry of Economic Affairs issued the 2016/9127 announcement on September 7, 105, which increased the current foreign tires (outer tyres) from the current 4%-4.5% tariff rate by 21.8%. The tariff increase for tire tires is applicable to China, Japan, China, etc., covering 21 taxes (401110, 401120, 401140, 401150, 401161, 401162, 401163, 401169, 401192, 401194, 401199, etc. See Annex 1, 2). Among them, 12 original tax rates were 4.5% and 9 tax rates were 4%.

After the country's 21.8 percentage points increase, the tax rate will be as high as 26.3% and 25.8% (Note: the bound rate of the country's commitment at the WTO is 26.3%).

For details, please refer to the attached file: the translated version of the official notice of the government of the country, the official tax rate of the country in the WTO, and the current tariff rate of the products in this case.