Association Profile

Taiwan Bicycle Association

December 21, 1992.

TBA was established based on the mutual expectation of Taiwan’s bicycle industry; it creates new opportunity, builds consensus, and unifies counterparts for the industry to elevate Taiwan as the global supply center of high-end bicycles. 

The exporting value of bicycles and components continues to grow and in 2015, it reached US$ 3 billion.

The concept of “Think Cycling, Think Taiwan” impresses consumers all over the world.

The Association is not only the industrial exchange platform but also the cornerstone for the growth and development of all partners.


The Association actively assists the industry to search for business opportunities and new market developments; offers suggestion to the government for more grants and assistance. Each year “Taipei Cycle d&i awards” is organized by TBA and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) to encourage R&D and industrial innovation, to promote industrial upgrading, and build high profile international image; and sponsor “Formosa 900” event for Taiwan Cycling Festival to benefit the development of bicycle industry substantially.


The Association conducts meetings regularly as required by laws to facilitate communication between members and mediate disputes. Seminars are also conducted from time to time. Professionals are invited to help members to solve managerial issues and concerns.

Organizational Structure

As requested by laws, companies that engage in the export trading of bicycles, components and accessories, and relevant products should participate in Taiwan Bicycle Association. Till December 2018, there are 379 registered members.

According to each firm’s capital and revenue, members are classified from Level 5 to 1 and each member will assigns 1-5 representatives to form the Association. Then 27 directors (9 executive directors), 9 supervisors (3 executive supervisors), and 1 chairman and convening director are elected every three-year. Currently, the 9th Chairman of the Association is Mr. Michael Tseng. According to industrial development and the business needs of the members, three commissions, Trading & Investment, R&D and Patent, and Legal and Safety are set up; chief commissioners will conduct meetings regularly to address relevant issues.

The Association is led by the Chairman with the coordination of the Secretary General for continuous efforts of the operation and development.

TBA’s Message

Taiwan’s bicycle exports rise from the bottom in 2003. In 2004, the EU ceased imposing anti-dumping duty on Taiwan and that brought up the increasing demand in European region. The bicycle industry inTaiwan, thus, grew stably. In 2018 Taiwan bicycles export volume reached nearly 2.21 million units, exceeding export value of US$1.47 billion.

Taiwan’s bicycle industry has been devoted to R&D, product upgrading and that results in the increasing unit price of export. In 2018, each bicycle reached the unit price of US$668.38, and in the future, we will focus continuously on.

In the era of Global warming, increasing environmental awareness, popular sports recreation, and soaring international oil price all benefit the development of the bicycle industry and the creation a more promising future. Our members will actively conduct R&D for new material and multi-functional, high value-added products for specialty shop and further enhancement of international image and industrial competitiveness of Taiwan’s bicycle industry.


Three visions in the bicycle industry: 

Previewing the bicycle industry, our target is to shape Taiwan as a Cycling island, and we will strive in three angles:

1.  Turn Taiwan into the global R&D, innovation, production, supply center for high-end bicycles;

2. Build Taiwan into a cycling paradise, and continued to improve the riding environment and promote cycling culture;

3. Create friendly cities, promote public bicycle systems, and reduce carbon emission and alleviate traffic congestion problems.