Free Trade Zone exporting electric assisted bicycle to EU and USA should be approved by the Ministry of Economics first

download attachment: 經濟部-自由貿易港區輸歐美應先經部核准新增電動輔助自行車之公告影本.pdf

The Ministry of Economics announced that cycles with electric motor for propulsion is added to the list of products that should get approval before exporting from free trade zones to the EU and the United States, and will take effect on October 26, 2018.

In order to prevent products produced in China to take advantage on our country’s free trade zones to transship products to the EU and the United States, disguised as products manufactured in Taiwan to avoid anti-dumping duties and additional tariffs the EU and the United States imposed on China, that resulted in the EU and the United States to launch anti-circumvention investigations and impose additional tariffs on related products in Taiwan, affecting the rights of our manufacturers. Cycles with electric motor for propulsion that are exported to the European Union and the United States by free trade zones should receive “APPLICATION FOR SPECIAL GOODS EXPORT PERMIT FOR ENTERPRISES IN FREE TRADE ZONES” beforehand.

The letter of the Ministry of Economics and the amendment to the announcement of the Economic and Trade Word No. 10704606050 of October 30, 107, as attached,
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