“Taiwan exporting trend analysis and market expansion practice seminar” TAITRA PPT file


The International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs held the "Current Analysis of Taiwan's Export Situation Analysis and Corresponding Expansion Practices".
Inviting the Foreign Trade Association to use big data to analyze the export market and the market of Taiwan's advantageous industries for sharing.
And explain the current analysis of Taiwan's export situation and the corresponding expansion practices.
The newsletter electronic file is attached, and it is also updated in the cloud file (website: https://goo.gl/v8yVz6).
Member manufacturers are welcome to refer.

In addition, the Trade Association also provides a one-stop service for the "Global Trade Big Data Platform (iTrade)".
Instantly interact with the latest export trends, cross-border tariff comparisons, screening overseas potential markets and exhibitions.
The iTrade website is: https://itrade.taitra.org.tw.