2017 Eurobike Famous Brands Absent


The 26th German EUROBIKE (2017) was grandly held in Friedrichshafen on the shore of Lake Constance from August 30th to September 2nd. 1,400 exhibitors from 50 countries participated in the 4-day exhibition. The four-day exhibition attracted a total of 42,590 professional buyers from 101 countries around the world, a decrease of 0.31% compared to 2016, and 1,654 media workers from 39 countries attended the conference. On the day opened to the public, 22,160 people came to visit. Compared to last year there is a 35.59% decrease in visitors, mainly because the day opened to the public this year is on Saturday.


Taiwanese manufacturers are the main overseas exhibitors of this exhibition. In addition to individual exhibitions, TBA and Bike Today jointly organized 24 companies (A1 Hall). Giant Wheel Inc. jointly organized 45 companies(A1 Hall and A4 Hall). And 22 companies were organized by TIATRA (A5 Hall).


The organizer said that the German (Eurobike) International Bicycle Show next year(2018) will be at the beginning of July, and the exhibition period will be reduced to three days. It is scheduled to be exhibited from July 8-10, and is expected to be extended. The adjustments are tailored to the needs of the industry to maintain the scale of the show.


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