The amendments to the "Measures for the Exemption of Commodities" of the Ministry of Economic Affairs shall come into force on April 1, 108


Commodity exemption method correction
On November 13, 107, the amendment was issued by the Decree No. 10704606000. This Measures shall come into force on April 1, 108 of the Republic of China.

The commodity exemption method is a regulation that applies for (mandatory) inspection of the application requirements, quasi-rejection, use labeling, verification, extension, alteration of use and check of the exemption inspection of goods, since the implementation of the implementation on February 1, 1991. After six amendments, some of the regulations and management systems have been inconsistent or lack of practical needs. The re-examination of the re-examination regulations and the bidding process have been loosened to simplify the space, and the overall review of bicycle-related products is as follows:

Article 5, paragraph 3
For all kinds of protective helmet products, the total amount of the same order and the same type is less than US$1,000 and the quantity is less than four, or more than US$1,000 and the number is less than two.

Article 5, item 6

Infants and children's products (except children's raincoats, toys and textiles) are not more than two in the same order.

(Children's bicycle goods apply to this rule)

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